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TradeKing- Charlotte, North Carolina

Smith Harris Design Associates worked closely with Tradeking’s management team to design their headquarters based on the innovative and enthusiastic staff members they wanted to attract and maintain for the growth of the company. We created a team of design staff and leaders in the company that worked closely to define how the firm should be portrayed in the built space and came to a consensus on an energetic office that employees would feel comfortable working in and would foster creativity and collaboration. We utilized the structure of the existing shell space as a backdrop for Tradeking’s graphic marketing images and created a reception area that would double as a hangout space for both employees and clients alike. Rustic elements such as reclaimed wood were juxtaposed with more sleek items like concrete floors and frameless glass to give the company the fresh space they were craving. Several open collaborative areas were spread throughout the employee work areas for team meetings, as well as an employee lounge and large break area created to promote brainstorming sessions in a more comfortable setting.

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